Black Mirrors: Funky Queen Review

Black Mirrors: Funky Queen Review

Artist: Black Mirrors
Album: Funky Queen
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: March 3, 2017


This is a really cool and fun surprise. I put on the new debut EP by Black Mirrors called Funky Queen. I’m expecting something completely different than what I’m hearing. From the front cover, I would have thought that this was another dark metal band, especially with the name Black Mirrors. But, no, this is a sort of refined, well produced garage rock. Even though, I just made that statement, I have to say this reminds me a lot of The Pretty Reckless in many ways. That’s not a bad thing for me. The biggest complaint that anyone will have with this is going to be the length. It’s just over too damn fast. But, I guess that’s true for any good rock album regardless of the amount of tracks. This is really one impressive debut. Like, I said, it’s over too fast. I’m just starting to enjoy the ride when we reach our destination….so I find myself listening to Funky Queen several times in a row, each time I put in on. That’s another sign of a really good rock album. My favorite track is the closing song…Canard Vengeur Masque. I’m not sure what the significance of the title is, but it’s a really solid, memorable, song. This is definitely one that you want to pick up. Lead vocalist Marcella Di Troia has a great voice with a classic powerful feel to it. Check out Black Mirrors. I expect to be hearing much more from this band in the future. In fact, I would say that I feel like this EP is an appetizer and I can’t wait for the main course to arrive with their next release.

Track Listing:
01. Funky Queen
02. Kick Out the Jam [Explicit]
03. The Mess
04. Canard Vengeur Masqué

Band Members:

Marcella Di Troia: Vocals
Pierre Lateur: Guitar
Gino Caponi: Bass

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