Beyond The Black – Heart Of The Hurricane

Beyond The Black - Heart Of The Hurricane

Artist: Beyond The Black
Album: Heart Of The Hurricane 
Genre: Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: August 31st, 2018

Track Listing:

Hysteria 4:37
Heart Of The Hurricane 3:39
Through The Mirror 3:34
Million Lightyears 4:42
Song For The Godless 5:09
Escape From The Earth 3:08
Beneath A Blackened Sky 5:07
Fairytale Of Doom 4:43
My God Is Dead 5:01
Dear Death 4:09
Scream For Me 4:04
Freedom 3:44
Breeze 3:51
Echo From The Past 5:31
Parade 3:41


Beyond The Black:

Jennifer Haben (Vocals)
Stefan Herkenhoff (Bass)
Chris Hermsdörfer (Guit./Backings)
Tobias Lodes (Guit./Backings)
Jonas Roßner (Keyboards/Backings)
Kai Tschierschky (Drums)

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