Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Show Me Your Teeth (Review)

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth (Review)

I am lucky enough to have spoken to many artists, and something which stands out is when they have a genuine love for music. I met the lovely Beth Blade last year and it was clear that music runs through her in every way. It is therefore no surprise that this passion shines out on her brand new record.

The Welsh rocker and her band have been building a great live reputation, so much so that Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters were asked to join the likes of the Dead Daisies on last year’s Kiss Kruise off the coast of a sweltering Florida. It may be chillier in the UK, but winter brings a brand new BB&TBD album Show Me your Teeth, the follow up to 2015 debut, Bad Habit.

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth (Review)

I met Beth Blade after her storming set at Monstersfest

So what have we got? Lead single, Give It All you Got is an enjoyable rock and roll ride, whilst On and On, one of my favorites has a catchy melody that is more Pink, than Joan Jett – modern rock with a nod to the past. Brilliant.

From the moody ballad Crazy, You And I (which features some old school riffing that would sit well on a classic Saxon record), to the title track which shows Beth turning it up a notch, there are different flavours, styles and tempos throughout the record.

The latter is one of the heaviest tracks, featuring some down and dirty, Doug Aldrich-esque guitar riffs and strong vocals from Beth. Her voice is distinctive, particularly when she is in the higher register. It is when she stretches out that the songs really lift, and the lyrics stand out. Beth is also credited for guitar and bass, ably backed by guitarist Luke Strickland Gilmore along with drummer Sam Brain, and Nick Brine on keys.

The gems amongst the dozen tracks lie towards the end of this album. Into the Light has a Cheap Trick feel, with its poppy style and features almost two choruses (a classic Def Leppard trick!), which I love.

I interviewed Beth recently and when we chatted she told me how she grew up listening to the rock music her parents played, and how this has shaped her (sounds familiar!).  This shows through on 1974, the penultimate song which lyrically sees Beth reminiscing about a time gone by, when rock giants like Bad Company and Kiss first emerged.

The sequencing of the album means the likes of Into The Light and 1974 are way down the running order and in an age where attention spans are so short, I feel they would have created more impact early on, but it’s a minor gripe. Overall, Beth and her Beautiful Disasters have created a classic rock record with bite, of which they should be proud. Great stuff.

Show Me your Teeth is released on Jan 25 and can be ordered at

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