Behind The Scenes With IMPELLITTERI In the Recording Studio making “The Nature of The Beast”

Impelletteri Release Video Of Black Sabbath Cover Song Symptom Of The Universe

Chris Impellitteri has shared the following youtube video featuring behind the scenes footage of the band recording the latest “Impellitteri” album:

Take a tour of their studio…see their equipment, the band, the tracking and mix room, and engineering team used for Nature of the Beast album!

Behind the scenes footage of IMPELLITTERI in the recording studio making The Nature of the Beast album! See the Guitars and Amplifiers, Drums, Bass Rig, …the Million Dollar Vintage Neve Recording console, our tracking room, mix room, band, and even the engineer and producers working away! Many people have asked us to upload this video to YouTube… it is now up…enjoy if you have not scene it….

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