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BASTARD Release Lyric Video for “The Possession”

BASTARD Release Lyric Video for "The Possession"

t. Louis-based blackened thrash metal outfit BASTARD have released a new lyric video for their track “The Possession”. The gruesome track is off the band’s new studio album, ‘Rotten Blood’

Spawning from the ashes of Harkonin in 2010, members Jason Barron and Scott Fogelbach carried on with their newest whiskey-and-satan-fueled blackened thrash outfit, BASTARD. In 2012 the band released their first demos recorded by former-Harkonin guitarist, Matt Coyle. Following up in 2015 BASTARD recorded a 5 song covers EP entitled “Alcoholocaust” and shortly after recorded their first full-length album “Hades Command” with Encapsulated Studios engineer, Gabe Usery. Going through multiple lineup changes between 2015-2019 the band finalized a steady crew comprising of local shredders Jason Asberry of STORMRULER and Tim Kutterer of Lightning Wolf. BASTARD has since written a new record entitled “ROTTEN BLOOD” once again recorded by Gabe Usery at Encapsulated Studios filled with devilish riffs and a blackened thrash assault that heralds to the hounds of hell. Blending the classic sound of traditional Heavy Metal with the sounds of the blackened European thrash of the 80s & 90s, BASTARD is taking absolutely no prisoners with this release.
For Fans Of: Motorhead, Venom, Nifilheim, Protector, Impaled Nazarene, Bathory


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