Aska: Nine Tongues

Aska: Nine Tongues

Artist: Aska
Album: Nine Tongues
Genre: Metal
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date: May 3, 2013


Aska is one of those bands that I completely stumbled upon by accident. I was looking through the CD rack at my local record store and came upon Nine Tongues by Aska. Now, I’ve always been one to take chances on by albums by bands that I’ve never heard before, and this was no exception. It was obvious that this was a metal act and the song titles seemed to reflect that as well, so I bought it, took home and gave it a spin. I was actually quite surprised when the first track “The Stalker” got going, because, Aska is quite good. How could I have missed these guys? As it turns out, this was originally was released independently with very little widespread distribution. But, thankfully, it has now been re-released through Pure Steel Records. My absolute favorite track represented here, is Leprosy, a gritty groove laden tale of revenge of betrayal. The vocalist, George Call has an incredible voice and was the lead singer for Omen before starting up Aska. This is a really fun album to listen to. Part Manowar, part Iron Maiden, part Skid Row, it’s a fun metal sound that crosses over the genre of classic metal and hair metal and does it quite well. It’s an entertaining and solid metal band that should have made it onto a major label. I’m sure they would have, if this was originally released in 1987, instead of 1997. But, thanks to Pure Steel Records you can take a trip back in time and enjoy it today.

Track Listing:

1. The Stalker
2. Leprosy
3. Question
4. Little Sister
5. Blood Of The Wolf
6. Captain Crunch
7. Killashandra
8. Liquid Courage
9. Nightmare
10. The Dream

Band Members:

George Call – vocals, guitars
Daren Knapp – vocals, guitars
Keith Knight – vocals, bass
Damon Call – drums

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