Art Of Anarchy: The Madness

Art Of Anarchy: The Madness

Artist: Art Of Anarchy
Album: The Madness 
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label: Century Media
Release Date: March 24, 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the second release from the supergroup “Art Of Anarchy”. After all, their first album sounds like it was a real challenge to finish and then, vocalist Scott Weiland did his best to distance himself from the project, claiming to be just a hired hand, and instead trying to shift attention to his last solo album and tour. If things couldn’t have gotten weirder, Weiland passed away, leaving the group to find a new singer and essentially, start over. Nothing against yje ;ate Scott Weiland (R.I.P.), but once you hear their new album The Madness, you will realize what a perfect fit Scott Stapp is for Art Of Anarchy. I was curious if this album was going to sound like Creed. Well, since Stapp has fronted Creed and his voice is synonymous with the band’s sound, you will hear some similarities, but surprisingly, not nearly as much as you might expect.  Starting with opening track “Echo of a Scream” you quickly realize that this band is creating it’s own unique sound. I was instantly impressed with the song. The following track “1,000 Degrees” continues to impress and amaze. This album has a really fresh sound that doesn’t sound like any of the band members’ other projects. AOA has a great pedigree with Bumblefoot (Guns N’ Roses), John Moyer (Disturbed) and Scott Stapp (Creed). Fans who like the heavier side of Creed will enjoy this album a lot as it really has a great hard rockin’ vibe to it. The band seems to really have a great groove together and these are some of the most interesting and creative songs (that are still radio friendly) that I’ve heard from this genre in a long time. Art Of Anarchy has really put something special together with this sophomore release. Bumblefoot absolutely shreds on song after song. It was really hard for me realize just how good he is, because he was mostly playing other people’s material in Guns N’ Roses.  But, rest assured, on this album he exceeded all of my expectations and then some. The bass is super heavy and thick, which makes sense with Moyer on bass. The band is rounded out by brothers Jon and Vince Votta. I can honestly say that I like every song on this album. Pick this up and prepare to be in awe. It’s well worth every penny of the purchase price. I am now eagerly awaiting to hear more material from Art Of Anarchy, as this just made the list for one of the best hard rock albums of the year.

Track Listing:
01. Echo of a Scream
02. 1,000 Degrees
03. No Surrender
04. The Madness
05. Won’t Let You Down
06. Changed Man
07. A Light In Me
08. Somber
09. Dancing With the Devil
10. Afterburn

Band Members:

John Moyer (Disturbed)
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Ex-Guns N’ Roses)
Jon Votta
Vince Votta
Scott Stapp (Creed)

Art Of Anarchy Official Site

Art Of Anarchy Facebook Page

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