Adrian Galysh – Venusian Sunrise (20th Anniversary Edition) Review

Adrian Galysh - Venusian Sunrise (20th Anniversary Edition) Review


Adrian Galysh has re-released a re-recorded version of Venusian Sunrise for it’s 20th anniversary release . Galysh is well known for being an online contributor to Guitar World Magazine and those who follow his work should be really pleased with the results of this album.  His guitar playing is very fluid-like and runs the gambit from jazz and blues to rock.  Fans of guitar virtuosos like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai should absolutely pick this up. My favorite tracks are The Blue Jungle, So Close So Far and In The End. The original version of Venusian Sunrise was recorded on 8-track recorder, so Adrian decided it was time to give these songs the full production value that they deserve. The sound quality is really great and you can hear even the slightest nuance in his tones throughout. While Galysh can definitely shred it’s also nice to see someone who can play melodically as well with moments of breath-taking beauty in the notes.  This a nice solid instrumental album that provides an audio tour to other worlds that only your mind and ears can hear.

Artist: Adrian Galysh 
Album: Venusian Sunrise (20th Anniversary Edition) 
Genre: Rock / Instrumental
Label: Adrian Galysh
Release Date: July 10, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Track Listing:

1. Venusian Sunrise (2018)
2. What On Earth (2018)
3. The Blue Jungle (2018)
4. Lullaby of South Aiken St. (2018)
5. Drifting Memories (2018)
6. So Close… So Far (2018)
7. Lydian Dreams (2018)
8. Miss Fabina The Ballerina (2018)
9. In The End (2018)
10. Venusian Sunrise (1998)
11. What On Earth (1998)
12. The Blue Jungle (1998)
13. Lullaby of South Aiken St. (1998)
14. Drifting Memories (1998)
15. So Close… So Far (1998)
16. Lydian Dreams (1998)
17. Miss Fabina The Ballerina (1998)
18. In The End (1998)
Bonus Tracks:
19. The Blue Jungle (Live in LA 2011
20. Lydian Dreams (Live in LA 2011)


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