A Killer’s Confession – The Indifference Of Good Men (Review)

A Killer's Confession - The Indifference Of Good Men (Review)

Artist: A Killer’s Confession
Album: The Indifference Of Good Men
Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Wake Up Music
Release Date: October 18, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis has returned with his second release under the moniker of “A Killer’s Confession”.  Starting out with the incredible opening song, “It’s Not Too Late”, it’s easy to see that Reavis and company are making a name for themselves quickly.  The songwriting is great throughout and musically it’s hook-laden, melodic at times and heavy as hell at others.  I was really quite surprised by how much I really enjoyed this album.  The songs have a heaviness that’s sure to please any fan of modern heavy metal while maintaining some really catchy and memorable elements.  Waylon Reavis has a really powerful voice and he seems to be able to stretch out a little more vocally with this band than he was able to do in MushroomheadNumb, Cocaine, Reanimated and It’s Not Too Late all carry this album to a new level.  This should be receiving heavy airplay on all active rock stations because it’s filled with great material that’s perfect for airplay, yet heavy enough to please the metalheads. This is one of the best modern metal albums of 2019 and deserves to be heard and recognized as such.

Track Listing:

01. It’s Not Too Late

02. Numb

03. Trust Me

04. Angel on the Outside

05. Cocaine

06. The Shore

07. One Step

08. Satisfied

09. I Wish

10. Reanimated

11. H.C. Tits

12. Render

13. Numb (Raw Demo)

Band Members:

Waylon Reavis (Vocals)
Brock Star (Lead Guitar)
Mark Alexander (Guitar)
Morgan Bauer (Drums)
JP Cross (Bass)





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