Wayward Sons, Ghosts Of Yet To Come – Album Review

Wayward Sons To Release "Ghosts Of Yet To Come"

Artist: Wayward Sons
Album: Ghosts Of Yet To Come
Genre: Melodic Metal / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music srl.
Release Date: September 15, 2017
Reviewed by: Madz Lenthal (http://denimandblether.blogspot.co.uk/)

More than 20 years after Little Angels disbanded, vocalist Toby Jepson is back with a bang. After writing and producing for the likes of Toseland and The Answer, as well as performing with GUN, Fastway and Dio Disciples since Little Angels called it a day, Jepson returns with his new band, Wayward Sons. Well, what a start this is. What took you so long, Toby?!

It may be the debut album from a new band, but Ghosts Of Yet To Come oozes rock and roll attitude and is full of energy. Written in a live band rehearsal setting, the record roars into life with opener, Alive. A huge riff, that sounds like Black Sabbath on steroids, provides the platform for a great Jepson vocal that suggests he is delighted to be back and has plenty to say. Jepson himself has said that he has a lot of unfinished business, which is apparent when listening carefully to his lyrics.

First single Until The End is a wonderful piece of modern melodic hard rock, built on an insanely catchy riff with a glorious chorus. It’s not surprising that it has had plenty of radio airplay and is surely a contender for song of the year.

Until The End official video

Be Still strays into Little Angels territory somewhat, along with a verse that sounds reminiscent of a vintage Thin Lizzy album. Highlights for me are the brilliant Crush (this one will kill live), Don’t Wanna Go (I can hear some great riffs similar to AC/DC in here!) and Ghost which hold#s a great melody. The quality and urgency of the songs mean that from top to bottom, Ghosts Of Yet To Come is a very consistent record that the band should be proud of. It’s a throwback to the days of vinyl too, with 10 great tracks over forty minutes making GOYTC a true album experience.

 Crush Official video

Toby Jepson has made it very clear that this is not by any means a vanity project, but a true band made up of some fabulous musicians, including outstanding guitarist, Sam Wood who has provided sharp catchy riffs throughout the record alongside bassist and drummer Nic Wastell and Phil Martini who create a rocking rhythm section!

Vocally, Jepson is in fine form throughout and has captured and delivered some emotional performances that add power and passion to a strong set of tunes – it’s great to have him back. I interviewed Toby recently and he told me that he feels Ghosts Of Yet To Come is the best record he has made. He may just be right. Wonderful.

Watch as Toby Jepson tells me all about the new record

Ghosts Of Yet To Come is released through Frontiers Music on Sept 15.

Track Listing:
01. Alive
02. Until The End
03. Ghost
04. Don’t Wanna Go
05. Give It Away
06. Killing Time
07. Crush
08. Be Still
09. Small Talk
10. Something Wrong

Band Members:

Toby Jepson – Vocals/rhythm guitar
Sam Wood – Guitar
Nic Wastell – Bass guitar
Phil Martini – Drums
Dave Kemp – keys

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