Warrior Soul – Rock N’ Roll Disease (Review)

Artist: Warrior Soul
Album: Rock N’ Roll Disease
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label:  Livewire
Release Date: June 7, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron



Warrior Soul is a lot like AC/DC.  Not necessarily in their musical sounds, but in the fact that you always know what you’re getting with each release.  There’s plenty of other bands that have had a formula that you can always count on being there, like Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Saxon to name a few.  While it may seem formulaic in nature, it’s not always a 100 percent predictable on what the songs will be like, but just moreover what type of sound you’ll get.  Warrior Soul starts out the new album with “Up The Dose” and it’s a fireball of a track.  It’s quickly followed up by the incredible title track.  Any song with lyrics like “I’ve got a rock n’ roll disease, I picked it up from a toilet seat, no one believes me” get an A+ as far as I’m concerned.  Kory Clarke is still hittin’ the road cruisin’ and boozin’, at least metaphorically and it sounds pretty genuine.  “Off My Face”  and “Melt Down” are both stand-out tracks for me and the only negative about this album is that it’s only 8 songs long.  Clarke’s voice has a much rougher edge to it than it did at the beginning of the band, but it really works well with the rough, street-wise attitude of these songs.  A little metal, a little punk and a lot of just straight ahead rock n’ roll. If it’s an epidemic you’re looking for, you’ve found it and then some with the excellent “Rock n’ Roll Disease” by Warrior Soul.

Track Listing:

01. Up The Dose

02. Rock n’ Roll Disease

03. Off My Face

04. Melt Down

05. Rock On

06. War Ride Children

07. Going Mental

08. After The Show


Band Members:

Kory Clarke – Vocals
Adam Arling – Guitar
Dennis Post – Guitar
Christian Kimmett – Bass
Ivan Tamargo – Drums
Michael Branagh – Drums



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