Warrior Soul – Back On The Lash Review

Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash Review

Artist: Warrior Soul
Album: Back On The Lash
Genre: Metal / Rock N’ Roll
Label: Livewire/Cargo Records UK
Release Date: December 1st, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Kory Clarke and his version of apocalyptic rock with Warrior Soul. And with his latest outing “Back On The Lash”, I am even more convinced than ever that Clarke is one of the greatest living rock stars around. A modern day poet with ruminations about the state of the world, Clarke and Warrior Soul bring you down into the gutter while showing you how to have a good time. Not unlike a rock n’ roll Dante that shows the layers of hell that stand before us, all set to a rock n’ roll soundtrack that would make AC/DC, The Sex Pistols and Motorhead proud.  Forget all of the musical genres, sub genres and so forth. Warrior Soul isn’t just metal. It isn’t just punk either. It’s what rock n’ roll should be.  Rebellion, a black eye to the fascists of our society, chaotic reflection and ultimately a musical party to drown our sorrows in. Kicking off with “American Idol”, which is really more of an intro, the intensity builds and leads into “I Get Fucked Up”. The songs are arranged in the perfect order to accommodate the ebb and flow of this masterpiece. Each track seems to build upon the next, with each one being more adrenaline-fueled than the last one. If Charles Bukowski had been a rock star, he would have been Kory Clarke. With songs like “I Get Fucked Up”, “Back On The Lash”, “Further Decay” and “Goin’ Broke Gettin’ High”, Warrior Soul takes us on a trip of drunken excess and survival in a harsh world. But, lest you think this album is a downer, it’s always done in a celebratory fashion. With all musical guns blazing, “Back On The Lash” is one of the best albums Warrior Soul has delivered and that’s saying a lot, because Warrior Soul has always been a critically acclaimed band. . Stand out tracks are “Back On The Lash”, “Thrill Seeker”, “I’ve Got The Rock” and well. the entire damn album. There isn’t a single song here that isn’t incredible. If you don’t get what Kory Clarke is doing, you just don’t get Rock N’ Roll”! This album is a testament to the true spirit of Rock N’ Roll from beginning to end. I simply can’t stop listening to it. Once I reach the end, I simply hit repeat and go again. If you don’t pick up Warrior Soul’s Back on The Lash as soon as it’s released, you’ll be missing out one hell of a good time for every minute that you don’t own it.

Track Listing:
1. American Idol
2. I Get Fucked Up
3. Back On The Lash
4. Further Decay
5. Thrill Seeker
6. Goin’ Broke Gettin’ High
7. Black Out
8. I’ve Got The Rock
9. That’s How We Roll

Band Members:
Kory Clarke – Vocals
Stevie Pearce – Guitar
Christian Kimmett – Bass

Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash Review


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