Tommy Paris Band – Album Review

Tommy Paris Band - Album Review

Artist: Tommy Paris Band
Album: Tommy Paris Band
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Label: Tommy Paris
Release Date:
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


After a really long wait for a new album by Britny Fox, I recently heard that the band is not going to be releasing any new material anytime in the near future. I was really disappointed by the news because I really enjoyed the band’s albums with Tommy Paris at the helm. Bite Down Hard was an incredibly under-rated album that should have propelled the band to headlining stadiums, but instead, fell victim to the changing times of the musical direction in the late 80’s early 90’s. Later, Britny Fox released the alt-rock-tinged Springhead Motorshark and a live album of all the greatest hits.

Well, I’m happy to report if you’re missing the sound of Britny Fox’s Bite Down Hard era, you’ll want to pick up the first solo album by Tommy Paris, simply entitled “The Tommy Paris Band”. Tommy stays true to his roots on this release and it’s a really welcome sight and sound. Not that I’m opposed to any particular type of rock or metal, but it is refreshing to hear something new that doesn’t fall into the metalcore or extreme metal genre. When I spoke to Tommy recently, he said that this album was recorded with different people in the industry that chose not be credited on the album do to other contractual commitments. So, we’re not sure who’s handling bass, lead guitar solos or drums. However, Tommy plays guitar, handles the vocals and plays keys on this debut release. So for the most part, it truly is a solo album in the purest possible form.

With the opening riffs of the first song “Universe”, you get that raw, hard rockin’ sound that reminds you of Bite Down Hard. Prior to joining Britny Fox, Tommy Paris fronted the band Jillson, so he’s no stranger to creating this type of music. The debut album by The Tommy Paris Band is outstanding on every track. My favorite songs are “Ready 2 Bleed”, “You Lose”, “4 On The Floor” and “Long Long Way2Go”. This album has 10 solid songs of great rock n’ roll. Hopefully this impressive debut is a sign of things to come from Tommy as a solo artist. Any fans of the eighties hard rock and metal sound should really enjoy this album and for fans of Britny Fox, this is a must buy album.  You can order the CD directly from Tommy’s official site right here

Track Listing:

01. Universe
02. Long Long Way2Go
03. Ready 2 Bleed
04. Explode
05. Down Down
06. 4 On The Floor
07. Go-Be
08. Make It Fit
09. You Lose
10. Waiting Here4U

Band Members:

Tommy Paris: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Tommy Paris Official Site

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