The Dark Element – Songs the Night Sings

The Dark Element - Songs the Night Sings

Artist: The Dark Element
Album: Songs the Night Sings
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Sweeping and epic, The Dark Element has returned with a brilliant new album called “Songs The Night Sings”Anette Olzon‘s vocals are as beautiful as ever and Jani Liimatainen has some incredible blazing guitar solos throughout. Musically, these songs are really strong and lyrically they are the equivalent of brilliant story-telling.  This time out the band has a really mature sound and it’s easy to tell that they were riding an incredible wave of creativity throughout the recording process.  The title track is simply outstanding, but to be perfectly honest, I was completely hooked after “Not Your Monster”, the album opener.  This album is a perfect blend of the right amount of heaviness and the perfect amount of melody.  I simply love the menacing, yet beautiful “When It All Comes Down”.  It’s another prime example of that perfect balance that I described earlier.  Simply put, this is pure ear candy for lovers of Symphonic Metal and Melodic Metal.  It has everything that you want within the genre, but it’s as if they even took it a step further, stretching the boundaries to create one hell of an epic release.

Track Listing:

Not Your Monster
Songs The Night Sings
When It All Comes Down
Silence Between The Words
Pills On My Pillow
To Whatever End
The Pallbearer Walks Alone
Get Out Of My Head
If I Had A Heart
You Will Learn
I Have To Go

Band Members:

Anette Olzon – Vocals

Jani Liimatainen – Guitars, keyboards, programming

Jonas Kuhlberg  – Bass

Rolf Pilve – Drums