The Brink – Nowhere To Run (Review)

The Brink To Release Debut Album "Nowhere To Run" In May

Artist: The Brink
Album: Nowhere To Run
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: May 17, 2019


Labeled as one of the new breed of hard rock bands, U.K.’s The Brink is sort of an odd mixture for me.  I like the bluesy overtones in songs like Little Janie, One Night Only, Said And Done and Don’t Count Me Out, but in my opinion, a lot of the other material tends to lean into more of a pop-rock radio format.  By this, I don’t mean AOR, but almost more of a pop-punk attitude and sound.  It’s that little bit of Blink 182 that I hear in the mix that I don’t really care for.  The Brink seems to be a talented bunch of musicians, but I feel like they’re still trying to figure out what their signature sound actually is.  The production is a little too clean for me.  It never gives the band a chance to be gritty or raw and it sounds like most of the over-produced pop music that I hear. You know, it sounds a little too perfect, and for me, rock n’ roll has never been about perfection. Overall, Nowhere To Run is a listenable and catchy debut, but it doesn’t seem to create anything that’s remarkably memorable or different.


Track Listing:

1. Little Janie

2. Break These Chains

3. Never Again

4. Save Goodbye

5. Take Me Away

6. One Night Only

7. Wish

8. Said And Done

9. Fairytale

10. Don’t Count Me Out

11. Nothing To Fear

12. No Way Back

13. Are You With Me

14. Burn


Band Members:

Tom Quick – vocals

Lexi Laine – lead guitar

Izzy Trixx – rhythm guitar

Gaz Connor – bass

Davide Drake Bocci – drums

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