Stryper’s Tim Gaines Hits Back At Social Media Bullies

Stryper's Tim Gaines Hits Back At Social Media Bullies

Timothy Gaines, longtime bass player for the Christian rock band Stryper has finally had enough of people meddling is his personal life and those creating personal attacks. In a recent Facebook post, not only does he send a message to those making comments, but also to his band as well, for “broadcasting” his personal problems to the public.

For the last year I’ve been dealing with life issues.. not good ones, but what I suppose (according to polls) at least 50% of America goes through. Since around August, when Stryper suddenly felt the need to “broadcast” my personal problems to the public, Ive dealt with an onslaught of personal attacks. Not only to myself, but also my family, and persons very close to me that I care about greatly about, coming from “The self righteous right.” The words “Whore” “Groupie” “Gold digger” are often accompanied by unsolicited personal attack messages, texts and email. I don’t really have an apology to anyone for my actions. But YOUR actions are unwarranted. When people on the receiving end are contemplating suicide because of bullying and verbal abuse, then YOU have crossed the line. From now on, ANY post sent to me or my “friends” will reposted here with a link to your page. My personal life is suddenly an open book? So is yours.

Tim is currently following through with his statement and is re-posting people’s abusive comments on his page for the world to see. Good luck with this issue Tim. XS ROCK applauds your efforts to bring this issue to light.

Tim Gaines Official Facebook Page

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