Sinner: Tequila Suicide

Sinner to release new album "Tequila Suicide" on March 31st

Artist: Sinner
Album: Tequila Suicide
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM
Release Date: March 31, 2017

Sinner was one of Germany’s top act’s during the 80’s reign of metal. Along with Accept, Scorpions and Helloween, they ruled the charts and airwaves in their home country. However, and unfortunately, that same success never seemed to follow them to the United States. Those of us in the U.S. who have been fans of Sinner, know how great they are. They have a great discography of album after album of pure metal mastery. Now, the band has released their latest entitled “Tequila Suicide”. And, like always the band led by Mat Sinner, does not disappoint. This album feels slightly different than the last few Sinner releases. While still maintaining the signature sound of the band, there seems to be an attempt to infuse some slight experimentation in sound and structure. It creates a fresh sound to what Sinner has always done. The album has a lot of great and varied material to choose from. The first track, Go Down Fighting has a raucous, high energy feel to it. The chorus almost feels a little like a punk anthem.  Tequila Suicide is straight ahead in your face album. My favorite tracks are Loud And Clear, Battle Hill, Dragons, Road To Hell and Sinner Blues. With the latter being the most far removed from the traditional sound with it’s electric bar room blues. Mat Sinner has a great voice and is probably one of the most underrated musicians out there. If you haven’t heard Sinner before, you may have heard Mat with one of his many other bands like Voodoo Circle or Primal Fear. But, if you’ve never hear Sinner, Tequila Suicide is a great place to start. Again, the band has a great discography, so don’t forget to check out the previous albums by Sinner as well. Along with bands like Saxon, Accept and Judas Priest, Sinner continues to consistently release quality metal albums. Tequila Suicide is a solid rock album from start to finish.

Track Listing:
01. Go Down Fighting
02. Tequila Suicide
03. Road To Hell
04. Dragons
05. Battle Hill
06. Sinner Blues
07. Why
08. Gypsy Rebels
09. Loud & Clear
10. Dying On A Broken Heart
11. House Of Rock *
12. Monday Morning *
13. I Am *
* bonus tracks on Digipak & Vinyl


Band Members:
Mat Sinner (vocals, bass)
Tom Naumann (guitar)
Alex Scholpp (guitar)
Francesco Jovino (drums)

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