Sex Pistols – More Product

Sex Pistols - More Product

Artist: Sex Pistols
Album: More Product
Genre: Punk
Label: UMC
Release Date: August 25, 2017

‘Some Product’ was a compilation of 1976-1978 Sex Pistols radio interviews released as an album in July 1979 (CD1 – deleted on CD since approx. mid-90’s)

This reissue has been expanded into a 3CD set by including the BBC Radio 1 “Rock On” interview from 1977 (CD2) and two further previously unreleased Radio Forth & Radio Metro interviews from 1977 (CD3)

Track Listing:
CD 1:
1 The Very Name ‘Sex Pistols’
2 From Beyond The Grave
3 Big Tits Across America
4 The Complex World Of John Rotten
5 Sex Pistols Will Play
6 Is The Queen A Moron?
7 The Fucking Rotter
CD 2:
1 BBC Radio 1 – Rock On
CD 3:
1 Radio Metro Interview
2 Radio Forth Interview


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