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Satan Reviews Necrophobic’s New Album “Dawn Of The Damned”

Satan Reviews Necrophobic's New Album "Dawn Of The Damned"

Hell yeah! Just look at these guys! Now, this is what I’m talking about. The album cover has goats and pentagrams, so they definitely had me at “Hell-o”.  This is some serious old school Black Metal shit and I’m a sucker for the classics! Death Metal mixed with Black Metal is always a good thing! The opening song which sounds like a hymn for his infernal majesty “Aphelion” would make a great entrance theme for me to enter one of my many chambers within Hell.  “Darkness Be My Guide” follows closely behind and lyrically it’s right up my devilish alley. The third song “Mirror Black” is the real deal.  It’s ominous, heavy and you can fuckin’ rock out to it! This whole album has evil written all over it. Fans of Satyricon’s later work should really dig this. I mean it’s not really possible for me to dislike an album filled with references to lost souls, eternal damnation, and of course fire. Fire is one of my favorite elements and it’s here on “As The Fire Burns”.  I just love burning shit up! And this album will burn the flesh from your ears. It’s a temptation that I’m hoping most of my evil little minions will give a listen to. “Dawn Of The Damned” is money well spent, that is if you evil little pricks haven’t stolen a copy already.  Really, you should buy a copy, otherwise bands like this can’t continue with their wicked ways and great albums.

Dawn of the Damned Tracklisting:
Darkness Be My Guide
Mirror Black
Tartarian Winds
The Infernal Depths of Eternity
Dawn of the Damned
The Shadows
As the Fire Burns
The Return of a Long Lost Soul
Devil’s Spawn Attack

Anders Strokirk – vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt – lead guitars
Johan Bergeb?ck – rhythm guitar
Allan Lundholm – bass
Joakim Sterner – drums
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