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Quiet Riot – Hollywood Cowboys (Review)

QUIET RIOT Hollywood Cowboys

Artist: Quiet Riot
Album: Hollywood Cowboys
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Well, this is a tough one to review.  There are several reasons why this is such a difficult album to review.  While it’s unusual for a band to part ways with their lead singer between recording an album and releasing it, that’s exactly what has happened here.  James Durbin sang on two studio albums and one live album with Quiet Riot before deciding to go back to his solo career.

Musically this album is a throwback to the Sunset Strip days of heavy metal.  And I actually really like this album, quite a bit.  Durbin does a decent job of trying to fill the late Kevin DuBrow‘s shoes.  While his voice is very reminiscent of DuBrow’s at times, it’s never quite been the same without Kevin belting out the tunes.  If changing lead singers wasn’t enough,  drummer Frankie Banali recently announced that he is battling stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  It seems that Frankie has been fighting the illness since April of this year.  Frankie’s drum parts are spectacular throughout this album.  It’s almost as if he’s using the drums as his own personal therapy.  I have to say that the drumming on this album is without a doubt, top-notch. It’s Frankie Banali, at his very best.  I sincerely hope that all of the turmoil surrounding the band doesn’t detract fans from checking this album out because it’s a decent record that sees the band re-capturing their fire and energy from the ’80s.

Quiet Riot have welcomed back former vocalist “Jizzy Pearl” and are hitting the tour circuit soon.  According to Frankie, he will be able to receive his cancer treatment and perform with the band on the tour.  Here’s wishing Frankie Banali well in his battle with a serious illness.  They aren’t many guys who would continue to soldier on and tour under these circumstances, just to play rock n’ roll for the fans.  But, Frankie Banali is a classy guy with a heart of gold.  As he told me once in an interview…”If it wasn’t for the fans, none of us would be here”.  “We owe everything to them”

Track Listing:

01_Don’t Call It Love 4:05
02_In The Blood 3:28
03_Heartbreak City 4:16
04_The Devil That You Know 2:41
05_Change or Die 3:24
06_Roll On 5:55
07_Insanity 4:45
08_Hellbender 3:21
09_Wild Horses 3:11
10_Holding On 4:24
11_Last Outcast 2:36
12_Arrows And Angels 2:56

Band Members:

Frankie Banali – drums

Alex Grossi – guitars

Chuck Wright – bass guitar

James Durbin – vocals

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