Q & A With Ralph Buso From Ravenscroft

Q & A With Ralph Buso From Ravenscroft

XS ROCK: Tell me about the latest band news? Any new projects coming out, live shows or announcements? 

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) We are proud to announce that we have a new EP entitled 

“See-Through” being released on March 20th via Pavement Entertainment Records! 


XS ROCK: So how long has the band been together?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) 6 years.


XS ROCK: What was your main motivation for originally starting or being in a band?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Music has been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember! I started writing songs when I was 14 years old.


XS ROCK: What is your music background?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I have been in several Hard Rock bands. I was in a band called Serpent Underground for over 12 years. 


XS ROCK: What image do you think your music conveys? 

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I feel like we have a dark almost gothic-like presence, but we also have the typical elements of a mainstream hard rock band. We are definitely all about putting on a live show with above-average visuals! 


XS ROCK: What are your current music career goals? 

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I want to tour the globe! 


XS ROCK: Which do you prefer? Writing new songs and recording or playing for a live audience? 

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Honestly…I truly enjoy both almost equally. However, there’s nothing quite like performing live for a good crowd! 


XS ROCK: What are your songs’ lyrics about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Most of our songs cover real-life experiences, as well as relationships from the past and present, but mostly they feature the struggles of life.


XS ROCK: What is the single most important thing to you as a musician?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Sharing my view and story through the wonderful gift we’ve been given called music!


XS ROCK: Do you have any outrageous tour stories from the road? If so, please fill us in.

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I fell off the stage once…that was pretty embarrassing! Also, there was a show in Hollywood were in the middle of a song, some drunk girl grabbed my crotch lol! 


XS ROCK: What’s the strangest request that you’ve ever received from one of your fans?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Nothing that strange comes to mind, but I did get a death threat once lol! 


XS ROCK: Are your friends and family supportive of your choice to play in a rock band?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Yes, I have been very fortunate to have my wife and many of my friends support my career choice! 


XS ROCK: What advice do you have for new bands trying to get started?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Take your time writing good songs and find the right guys that truly have the same passion and goals as you! Educate yourself on the current music business model, and work with other musicians that understand it’s not just about playing music, there’s a ton of behind the scenes work and sacrifice that comes with it! Also, save your money…there’s a ton of expenses involved with the music business! Lastly, no matter how much work is involved…you really need to try and stand out above your peers (I’m talking Image, Stage show, songwriting, and performance) There are a lot of bands out there and people want to be entertained and get the most bang for their buck! To find other bands that are pushing it to the next level, and play out with those bands as often as possible! 


XS ROCK: What are your favorite tracks to play live?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) All the new tracks from our new EP “See Through”!


XS ROCK: Which band or artist inspired you to perform? Why?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) NIN, Disturbed, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, FFDP, Slipknot, Tool, Seether, and Shinedown. Simply put…in my opinion, they are the best!


XS ROCK: If you could design a dream tour for your band, who would be on the bill?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) NIN, Disturbed, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, FFDP, Slipknot, Tool, Seether, and Shinedown


XS ROCK: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Getting signed by Pavement Entertainment Records! 


XS ROCK: If you weren’t performing in a band what kind of career do you think you would have?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I would probably be a professional boxer or a law enforcement officer. 


XS ROCK: What type of equipment do you use for live shows? 

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I use a Sennheiser wireless microphone.


XS ROCK: What do you think of the current music scene?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) I think there are a lot of really good bands out there, and I’m just happy to be working with some of the best people in the industry! 


XS ROCK: For anyone that doesn’t know you, what would they be surprised to know about you?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Probably the fact that I’m a huge animal lover.


XS ROCK: Is there anything that you’d like to promote or say to your fans out there?

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Thank you guys for all your constant support! Without you we are nothing! 


XS ROCK: Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us at XS ROCK!

(Ralph Buso/Frontman) Thank you XS ROCK! We truly appreciate your support! 




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