PRIMAL FEAR – Angels of Mercy – Live in Germany Review

PRIMAL FEAR - Angels of Mercy - Live in Germany

Album: Angels of Mercy – Live in Germany
Genre: Metal
Label: Frontiers music srl.
Release Date: June 2, 2017

I’ve been a fan of Primal Fear for quite some time. I have all of their previously released albums. They are one of the bands that continue to release quality metal music on each and every album. Angels Of Mercy-Live In Germany is an awesome, essentially, greatest hits live release. Sounding somewhat similar to the almighty Judas Priest, and I mean that as a sincere compliment, Primal Fear deliver one hell of a great performance here. The live atmosphere adds a slightly different feel to these classic songs, as well as the latest tracks from the recent studio album Rulebreaker. Rulebreaker saw the band in peak form and the live versions are exactly the same. Always an enthusiastic live band, they rip through 15 tracks of great material, all the while displaying their incredible musicianship and talent for writing great metal. If you’re a new convert to Primal Fear, start with this album to get a taste of some of their best material and then follow up by picking up their extensive back catalog of great music. I highly recommend this album to all metal heads worldwide.

Track Listing:
01.Countdown To Insanity (live)
02.Final Embrace (live)
03.In Metal We Trust (live)
04.Angel In Black (live)
05.Rulebreaker (live)
06.Sign Of Fear (live)
07.Seven Seals (live)
08.Angels Of Mercy (live)
09.The End Is Near (live)
10.Rollercoaster (live)
11.The Sky Is Burning (live)
12.Nuclear Fire (live)
13.When Death Comes Knocking (live)
14.Metal Is Forever (live)
15.Fighting The Darkness (live)

Band Members:
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass
Tom Naumann – Guitars
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Francesco Jovino – Drums
Produced by Mat Sinner

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