Overkill Live Concert Review

Overkill Live Concert Review

Supporting the release of their 18th (18th!) release, The Grinding Wheel, Overkill is back in Arizona to fuck shit up. Unfortunately, they are at a venue that seems to have been going downhill quality-wise for the past few years, but even so, I still can never resist catching the guys wherever they play.
The band wasted no time hitting the stage and laying waste to those in attendance. “Mean Green Killing Machine”, “Rotten to the Core” and “Electric Rattlesnake” come tearing out from the stage first, and the crowd is already sweaty and swirling. What I always admired about an Overkill show is that they never forgot where they started or who they are, demonstrated by always including old school gems such as “Feel the Fire” and “Hammerhead” in the setlist. More times than not, bands forget their roots, trying too hard to stay ‘popular’ and their setlists show that. Overkill doesn’t let that happen, including as many crowd favorites as they can and yet still manage to mix in three or so tunes from the new album they are supporting on tour at the time.

Blitz’s voice is razor sharp and in strong form as always. The sheer velocity of guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer are showing the newcomers how it’s done. The band is always finely tuned and ready for shred. Keeping it solid is bassist DD Verni and touring drummer Eddy Garcia (I’m not sure if it’s permanent, but drummer Ron Lipnicki has taken some time off from touring, while not technically leaving the band).

The band interaction with the crowd has always been loose and fun, anywhere from road stories to friendly football antagonism and Blitz wondering to the crowd if last night’s crowd was louder (always getting the loudest roars of the show). Hell, even Derek gave me a fist bump while I had the camera in his face. With the night’s show entering the history books, the band launches in to my personal fave “Fuck You” to close it all out.

“Mean, Green, Killing Machine”
“Rotten to the Core”
“Electric Rattlesnake”
“Hello From the Gutter”
“Goddamn Trouble”
“Feel the Fire”
“Nice Day… For a Funeral”
“Our Finest Hour”
“Emerald” (Thin Lizzy cover)

“Fuck You” (The Subhumans cover)
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