An Open Letter To Skid Row

An Open Letter To Skid Row

To: Dave Sabo, Rachel Bolan, and Scotti Hill 

Today I want to talk about a touchy subject.  That subject is the possibility of Skid Row reuniting with your former singer Sebastian Bach. In 1996, Skid Row parted ways with Bach. I’ve heard all kinds of different reasons for his dismissal from the band. But the truth is, I don’t really care what caused the original rift with you guys. I just want you, the members of Skid Row, to sit down with Sebastian Bach in a room, like adults and just talk for a while. I’m sure it would be awkward at first, but after getting past that part, I think you would find that whatever differences you once had aren’t that important now. I mean, it has been over 20 years since the members of that line up of the band were all in the same room together. Surely, by now you can all behave like adults and discuss things. I’m not trying to take sides here, either. I have a lot of respect for all of the members of Skid Row and Sebastian Bach. But, here’s the problem. The Skid Row that had Bach on vocals was a unique entity. The chemistry, (even if there were some disagreements) between you guys was one of a kind. I mean,  if you listen to the Slave To The Grind album from beginning to end again.  It’s arguably one of the best hard rock albums of that decade, and possibly of all time. I’ve watched the band continue on with three different singers since Bach left. I’m not really here to criticize the other guys who have sang for Skid Row. It’s not that any of them have been terrible or anything. They just aren’t Sebastian Bach. And it’s very apparent. Go to any Skid Row show now and you’ll hear lots of people who feel the same way. Again, it’s not the fault of the replacement vocalist. It’s just not the same magic without Bach on board. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Sebastian Bach can be a real dickhead sometimes. But, you know what, I’ll bet if you asked him, he’d agree with you. He’s made his share of mistakes and so have you guys. If Van Halen can get back together with David Lee Roth and Guns N’ Roses can reunite with all of their volatile personalities, then why can’t Skid Row at least try to make a go of it. Bach has indicated his willingness to get back together with you guys many times. If you wanted to prove a point….that Skid Row could exist without Bach, I’d say you’ve proved that by now. But, just like divorced parents, who often play nice and try to get along for their kids, Skid Row should do the same. The only difference is the kids, in this case, are the many fans that want to see, the best version of Skid Row reunited. I’ve heard that Skid Row has been offered large amounts of money to get back together, but honestly, I don’t think that matters. I don’t think money is the answer or the problem. Egos are the problem here. It’s high time that both Skid Row and Sebastian Bach put the past behind them and act like adults and work this thing out. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone to say that Skid Row is better without Bach. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone ever say that. Sebastian Bach has had a rather successful solo career on his own. One of the reasons for that, is, if you see Bach perform the Skid Row material live, it still sounds like Skid Row.  With Skid Row fronted by Bach, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s magical pairing that simply can’t be reproduced any other way. Again, you’re all competent musicians and talented artists, but let’s face facts….you are all better together. None of you guys are getting any younger and eventually time will run out for the band to reunite. Don’t waste the opportunity to find out what might have been. At least give it a shot for all of your fans who want to see it. If you try and it doesn’t work out, then so be it. But, you have to start by just forgiving each other for whatever problems that you had with each other over 20 years ago. Time heals all wounds. You can read this letter and completely dismiss it. After all, who am I? I’m not a billionaire concert promoter or a powerful celebrity. I am just a fan of a really great rock band. But, to dismiss the sentiment included here, is to dismiss the feelings and desires of not just myself, but the millions of fans that Skid Row has made over the years, who want to see a reunion happen.

Sincerely, and with all respect,

Bobby Caughron
Senior Editor


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