The Nearly Deads – Revenge Of The Nearly Deads

Interview With T.J. From The Nearly Deads

Artist: The Nearly Deads
Album: Revenge Of The Nearly Deads
Genre: Alternative / Hard Rock
Label: The Nearly Deads
Release Date: June 9, 2017

If you’re into Halestorm, you’ve got to check out The Nearly Deads. Starting with the “Diamond in the Rough”, the band shows that they have what it takes to kick out the jams. It’s a great opening track with a lot of energy. Lead vocalist, T.J. has a great voice. It’s incredibly smooth, yet she has the chops to rock with the best of them. Next up we have “My Evil Ways”, another great rocker that rolls like a train rumbling off the tracks. The band slows it down, albeit just a little, on “Not Listening”. This one has a great catchy chorus with a rock back beat and pop sensibility. It’s a nice blend of both. As you might imagine, a song  named “Revenge” comes out swinging, but it also has a really great sing-along chorus that’s makes it stick in your head for days. “Frequencies” brings in some keyboard that gives it a fantasy pop sound that holds up to any of the tracks that you’re currently hearing on commercial rock radio these days. And last but not least, the band shows a lighter side with “As Good As It Gets”, which is mostly a beautiful piano ballad that highlights both the vocals and the songwriting of the band. I am really impressed with Revenge Of The Nearly Deads. This is an exciting rock album with tons of energy to spare. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Track Listing: 
01. Diamond in the Rough
02. My Evil Ways
03. Not Listening
04. Revenge
06. As Good as It Gets

Band Members:
T.J. Theresa Jeane – Vocals and Keys
Steven Tobi – Lead Guitar
Kevin Koelsch – Bass
Javier Garza Jr. – Rhythm Guitar
Josh Perrone – Drums

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