Mystic Prophecy – War Brigade

Mystic Prophecy: War Brigade

Artist: Mystic Prophecy
Album: War Brigade
Genre: Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Release Date: March 18, 2016

This turned out to be a really fun review for me. I had never heard the band Mystic Prophecy before this review. What a surprise! These guys are really good.

If you’re a fan of metal bands like Accept, Judas Priest and maybe even Testament, then you should give this a listen. Every track on here smokes and burns with metal intensity. I really like the fact that they have a take no prisoners classic metal sound. The duel guitar attack of Markus Pohl and Laki Ragazas really bring to mind the Judas Priest sound where we have been entertained by Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing for years, (now Richie Faulkner).

The band brings out at an arsenal of sound that range from pounding metal, a semi-ballad called 10,000 Miles Away and the hilarious cover of Sex Bomb, which was originally a Tom Jones song. The beautiful thing about this, is that all fits together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

The vocal style of R.D. Liapakis is a little deeper and grittier than most of the metal screamers and it’s a nice change of pace. It’s a little reminiscent of Manowar in the vocal department. That’s a good thing for me, because there are plenty of bands that try to sing so high that they break glass, so this is really refreshing to hear.

If I had to pick just two tracks as standout songs, I would say check out The Crucifix and The Devil Is Back, but really every track on here could be a single.  Joey Roxx and Tristan Maiwurm round out the rhythm portion of the band on bass and drums and they are outstanding musicians in their own right. The musical backbone that they provide here really lets the guitarists shine and blaze away.

As a metal fan and an objective reviewer, I simply can’t find any negatives with this album. Download or pick this up on street date. If it’s headbanging you want, then it’s headbanging you will have, courtesy of Mystic Prophecy. A great album from beginning to end.

Track Listing:
01. Follow the Blind
02. Metal Brigade
03. Burning Out
04. The Crucifix
05. Pray to Hell
06. 10.000 Miles Away
07. Good Day to Die
08. The Devil Is Back
09. War Panzer
10. Fight for One Nation
11. War of Lies
12. Sex Bomb

Band Members:

R.D. Liapakis – Vocals
Markus Pohl – Guitars
Laki Ragazas – Guitars
Joey Roxx – Bass Guitar
Tristan Maiwurm – Drums
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