Ministry – From Beer to Eternamix

Ministry - Ministry - From Beer to Eternamix

From Beer to Eternamix

Released on November 22. 2015

Track Listing:
1. Hail To His Majesty (Badmothafukamix) 08:15
2. Punch in the Face (Drop the Gloves Mix) 07:51
3. Permawar (Raccoon’s Resistance Mix) 07:21
4. Perfect Storm (I question a Koe’s Capacity to Love Mix) 04:10
5. Fairly Unbalanced (Where’s My Crack Pipe Mix) 05:14
6. The Horror (Actually The Original Mix) 02:18
7. The Horror (Actually The Original Mix)- 2 02:18
8. Side FX (Where’s the WTF Button Mix) 02:58
9. Thanks But No Thanks (Trip to This Mix) 10:20
10. Lesson Unlearned (Shake Your Space Cakes Mix) 04:29
11. Change of Luck (High Roller Mix) 07:17
12. Enjoy the Quiet (From Beave to Eternity Mix) 03:29
Mixed by Al Jourgensen and Sammy D’Ambruoso in late 2013.

“Thanx but No Thanx” makes use of William S. Burroughs’s poem “A Thanksgiving Prayer”, as read by Sgt. Major, who also appeared on Ministry’s tenth studio album Rio Grande Blood (2006).
released November 22, 2015

Band Members:
Al Jourgensen – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, harmonica, production, mixing
Mike Scaccia – guitars, bass
Sin Quirin – guitars, bass
Tony Campos – bass

Sammy D’Ambruoso – DJ, drum programming, keyboards, programming, synthesizer programming, backing vocals, engineering, mixing
Patty Fox – backing vocals
Sgt. Major – spoken word (“Thanx but No Thanx”, “Enjoy the Quiet”)
Dave Donnelly – mastering


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