Album: Cypress Ave.
Genre: Hard Rock / Blues / Stoner Rock
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: July 28, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron

Cypress Ave. is an exhilarating, blues-soaked stoner rock masterpiece. The opening track “Tonight” is quite brilliant and I can’t seem to keep it from repeating in my mind long after the album is finished. It’s an eclectic journey on this album with elements of Sabbath, Clutch and Orange Goblin sharing the stage with the sound of Tom Waits with some blues thrown in for good measure.  The good news is that none of these elements distract or subtract from the others and actually mesh together quite nicely. One of the most unique tracks represented here is The Boogie Down with rap-like vocals provided by Sonny Cheeba and a backing horns section. I found this album to be not only an interesting listen, but a really catchy and groovy, while staying in a bit of dark mood throughout. Music fans who aren’t genre traditionalists should really enjoy the blending of sounds that Cypress Ave. has. If you like great, brooding rock n’ roll, check these guys out. It’s great stuff.

Track Listing:
Red Eyed Junkie Queen
Glenn’s Promise
Bury Me Deep
The Watchers Nest
Break My Love
Lemon Trees
The Boogie Down [ feat. Sonny Cheeba ]
Black Wave
The Echo
I Can’t Let You Go

Band Members:
Steve Moss – Vocals, Guitar
Brandon Burghart – Drums
Mike Boyne – Bass

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