Michael Sweet Posts List Of Favorite Bass Players That Doesn’t Include Stryper’s Tim Gaines, Then Calls Him Passive Agressive

Michael Sweet Posts List Of Favorite Bass Players That Doesn't Include Stryper's Tim Gaines, Then Calls Him Passive Agressive

Michael Sweet posted the following to his Facebook Page:

I’m sitting here at the airport and I just realized I never did a “favorite bass player” list. Here are some (there are many more) of my picks for the best rock bassists throughout history (in no particular order):
James Lomenzo
Michael Anthony
John O’Boyle
John Paul Jones
Paul McCartney
Geezer Butler
John Entwistle
Geddy Lee
Craig MacGregor
Jack Bruce
Chris Squire
Steve Harris
John Deacon
Roger Glover
Phil Lynott
John Wetton
Rudy Sarzo
Randy Jackson
Doug “Dug” Pinnick
Cliff Burton
Billy Sheehan

When another Facebook user posted the following comment:  Isn’t it ironic that you forgot your own bassist, Tim Gaines?

Michael responded with this message:  If I had anything to say about Tim I would say it. That’s how I am. I’m very direct. I think you may want to post this on his page. He’s about as passive aggressive as they come quite honestly. Regarding my favorite bass players list? I never posted it and I’ve been asked to for a few months (ever since I posted my favorite guitar players and drummers lists). Maybe you didn’t see those? I’ve done that for the past few years. Nothing new. Tim isn’t on my list because I wasn’t listening to Tim play bass growing up or even now. I don’t listen to Stryper albums daily. It’s really not as complicated or as deep as you seem to be implying. He just didn’t make my list. Sorry…….

Notice that the other members of Stryper have made his recent lists:

Here’s Michael’s list of top “Christian” drummers? Here goes (in no particular order):
Deen Castronovo
Robert Sweet
Nicko McBrain
Tommy Aldridge
Ted Kirkpatrick
Jen Ledger
Lori Peters
Jerry McBroom
Michael Feighan
Steve Brewster
Matt Greiner
Chris Coleman
Louie Weaver
Jeremy Haynes
Andrew Payne
Troy Luccketta
Lester Estelle

Here’s Michael’s list of favorite”Christian” guitar players, in no particular order:

Phil Keaggy
Tony Palacios
Rex Carroll
Dennis Cameron
Dann Huff
Oz Fox
Chris Rodriguez
Ty Tabor
Kerry Livgren
Jonny Lang
Lanny Cordola
Dave Mustaine
Mark Farner
Rick Derringer
Bob Hartman
Jerry McPherson
Barry Graul
Paul Jackson

If there’s another list of favorite non-Christian Guitarists or Drummers, We couldn’t find it on his page.

Michael Sweet Facebook Page


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