Liv Sin: Follow Me – Album Review

Liv Sin: Follow Me - Album Review

Artist: Liv Sin
Album: Follow Me
Genre: Metal
Label: Despotz Records
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


One of the best metal bands to hit the scene in the 2000’s had to be Sister Sin, lead by the incomparable Liv “Sin” Jagrell. However after numerous tours and some really great albums, the band suffered from burnout and called it quits. But, luckily Liv has returned to the scene to claim her throne as the reigning queen of metal with her new band, Liv Sin. Follow Me is such an impressive debut. Like Sister Sin before it, Liv Sin‘s Follow Me grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the final track has ended. Guitarist Patrick Ankermark does a fantastic job with blazing riffs and crushing rhythms throughout. You get some great dual lead guitar harmonies and the bass and drum backbone is a thunderous statement from start to finish. After hearing the opening track “The Fall”, I knew this was going to be spectacular and I couldn’t have been more right. I had already heard the first single “Let Me Out” which was previously released to promote the forthcoming album. It’s an astounding track that carries on the tradition of the great material that Liv had built a foundation on with Sister Sin. Not only is every track an awesome testament to Liv’s work, but it also has an energy that sounds fresh and hungry. There’s even a tribute to the Metal God, Rob Halford in the form of the cover version of Immortal Sin, which was originally a hit for Fight. Immortal Sin features guest vocals by Jyrki 69, lead vocalist for 69 Eyes. Follow Me is an album that you simply have to hear to believe. Every track is incredible. This debut album is one of the best metal albums to be released this year. It’s simply that good. I highly recommend it to any metal fans, but for fans of Sister Sin, it’s a no-brainer….pick this one up on the release date and prepare to not only be amazed, but possibly suffer whiplash on the first listen alone. Also check out our recent interview with Liv Sin discussing the new album here.

1. The fall
2. Hypocrite
3. Let me out
4. Black souls
5. Godless utopia
6. Endless roads
7. Killing ourself to live
8. I’m your sin
9. Emperor of chaos
10. Immortal sin
11. The Beast inside

Band Members:

Liv Jagrell
Patrick Ankermark
Per Bjelovuk
Chris Bertzell
Tommie Winther

Liv Sin Official Site

Liv Sin Facebook Page

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