Keel Guitarist Marc Ferrari Issues Update and Announces Children’s Book

Belated Happy New Year, hope you had a great holiday season and wish you all the best for 2017. I realize many of you haven’t heard from me in a while…after running MasterSource for Universal Music Publishing for 5 years, I stepped down in 2012 to ‘explore other options’ as the saying goes. I am still producing music for Universal Publishing Production Music and also have my toes in the water with some start-ups that I am investing in and advising.

One of the things on my ‘to do list’ was finishing a short story inspired by my daughter Sierra, who at a very early age displayed what I affectionately call a ‘proclivity for procrastination.’  Many kids are time-challenged but Sierra definitely has always marched (slowly!) to the beat of her own drummer. As we were typically running late for things, I used to say to her “Don’t Dilly Silly Sally” and the phrase stuck with me. This was the inspiration for the story which morphed into the recently-published book of the same title, my 2nd published book. Told in playful rhyme, Don’t Dilly Silly Sally tells the story of a young girl who always takes her time with things and constantly challenges her parents’ patience.

One day, her tardiness causes her to miss a special event she was looking forward to attending. Overcoming her initial disappointment, she then looks inward and learns the secret to being on time. It’s a cute story that celebrates uniqueness, shares a valuable lesson, and plants the seed for ultimate success! Although aimed at the pre-school to middle school age range, I have had many adults tell me they’ve bought copies for other adults!

Keel Guitarist Marc Ferrari Issues Update and Announces Children's Book

If interested, I have copies which I’d be happy to personalize and send to you directly. Please Paypal $19.95 to (Be sure to choose “Friends & Family!”) and include your address and the name for the inscription. I can also accept credit cards, kindly email me at to initialize. Alternatively, you can purchase from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Check out this article from the Ventura County Star:

For those of you in the Southern California area, I will be doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Thousand Oaks on January 29th between 11am and 3pm…would love to see you there. Thanks, and again all the best for an amazing 2017.

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