Junkyard Announce New U.S. Tour Dates

Junkyard Announce New U.S. Tour Dates
Junkyard’s third full length studio album, High Water made huge waves upon release, selling out of initial pressings and cracking Billboard’s Top 25 Hard Rock Album Sales Chart. Fans and critic’s agree the album, the band’s first in full length 26 years, is among the strongest rock records released this year. Just as festival and club dates in the UK and US wrapped in August, Little Steven’s Underground Garage snagged the first single, “Faded” as the Coolest Song in the World, and it’s still in rotation.

“Faded is totally insane. Great riff. Sick lyrics. It’s perfect Junkyard. Up there with the best of the best and surpassing some of that a bit. That tune is a classic and is gonna go beyond any fans highest expectations!” – Ryan Adams

JUNKYARD’s upcoming tour dates:

12/26/17 @ Funhouse, Seattle, WA
12/30/17 @ Dante’s, Portland, OR
1/05/18 @ Holy Diver, Sacramento, CA
1/06/18 @ Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA
2/02/18 @TBA, CA
2/03/18 @TBA, CA
2/11/18 @ Monsters of Rock Cruise
2/16/18 @ 80’s in the Park, Cocoa Beach, FL
2/17/18 @ 37 Main, Buford, GA
2/24/18 @ Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA

The music video “CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH”, shot in various locations in US and UK, can be viewed at the below websites:
[Label website] http://www.acetate.com


“8/10 For a band shouldered with so much history and such high expectations, itʼs incredible High Water came out this well!”

– Outburn Magazine

“An undeniable punk bend looming behind the tough riffs, slamming rhythm and snide vocals from David Roach, who sounds in terrific form… For Junkyard’s fans, ‘High Water’ is a worthwhile wait.”

– Blabbermouth

“A hard-rock band that came out of L.A. near the end of the 1980s issues its first official new LP in 26 years and, with help from various lineup members like Bad Religionʼs Brian Baker, crunches and stomps pretty well.”

– Yahoo! Music

“Junkyard never really got their proper due for playing authentic rock nʼ roll during the plastic fantastic glam metal era, but we canʼt sit around and fucking lament forever. They have a new album, itʼs rough and rugged and it sounds like 1989 in the best way possible. It’s bad-ass! Middle-aged bad-ass, but bad-ass nonetheless!”

– Classic Rock (UK)

“The killer tunes keep coming… It’s been way too long since Junkyard released an album, but for their fans it’s been well worth the wait. ‘High Water’ is the sound of a band who have always stuck to their guns, not followed the latest musical trends and played what the fuck they wanted to, when they wanted to.”

– Uber Rock
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