Janet Gardner – Your Place In The Sun (Review)

Janet Gardner - Your Place In The Sun (Review)

Artist: Janet Gardner
Album: Your Place In The Sun
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Release Date: May 31, 2019
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Most people know Janet Gardner as the lead vocalist for Vixen.  It seems like only yesterday when Vixen and Janet announce that they were parting ways.  Since then, Vixen has enlisted Lorraine Lewis, and have continued touring with Janet Gardner now set to release her second solo album, entitled “Your Place In The Sun”.  Now, I have to be honest, before I started the opening song, I thought to myself, this is going to be a real mellow affair with the title “Your Place In The Sun”.  Man, was I wrong!  Janet opens a can of certified whip-ass with this track and continues the trend with the electronically infused “Assassinate”.   Now, of course, there’s some more laid back, acoustic moments n this album, but Janet makes damn sure that you don’t forget that she knows how to rock with the best of them. Like her previous solo outing, “Your Place In The Sun” continues to see Janet branching out of the supposed confines of a band environment and creating her own path. “A Way To Your Heart” sounds like a hit single if I ever heard one.  It probably sounds the most like her previous work with Vixen and should appeal to a wide range of listeners.  The album closes out with a full-on rocker called “Flamethrower”, which is one my favorites on the album. The duo of Janet Gardner and Justin James have struck gold for a second time.  The good news is that fans of Vixen can continue to get new music from them as well as Janet and that for me is a win-win situation. “Your Place In The Sun” is a solid performance and a worthy follow up to her self-titled first solo album.


Track Listing:

Your Place In The Sun 4:24
Assassinate 4:06
Standing 4:26
Try 5:14
Web 4:34
Kicks Me Back 3:45
A Way To Your Heart 3:59
Should Have Known 4:17
Unconditionally 4:52
You Said 4:10
Without You 4:51
Flame Thrower 4:15

Band Members:

Janet Gardner

Justin James

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