Interview With WildEyes

Interview With WildEyes

Today we have a great interview with Crystal Douesnard and Thomas Moore from WildEyes.

XS ROCK: Tell me about the latest band news? Any new projects coming out, live shows or announcements?
Crystal: Well, we just premiered our debut music video for our single, “Messin’ Around” this week! That’s been pretty exciting.


XS ROCK: How long has the band been together?
Crystal: Thomas and I have been writing together for a while but WildEyes came to fruition about a year ago.


XS ROCK: What was your main motivation for starting or being in a band?
Crystal: I just know how much music has touched my life, personally. So many different kinds of music have gotten me through tough times in different stages of my life. I have always wanted to make a difference and give people music to get them through things too. Also, singing is my life-long passion.

XS ROCK: Which do you prefer? Writing new songs and recording or playing for a live audience?
Crystal: DEFINITELY playing live! I love recording too, but I am a performer through and through.


XS ROCK: What’s the strangest request that you’ve ever received from one of your fans?
Thomas: One person wanted me to have a smoothie in the parking lot with them, don’t ask
Crystal: People always make me sing random theme songs to TV shows! Not really sure why that started happening.


XS ROCK: Were your parents supportive of your aspirations to play in a rock band?
Thomas: Yes very. They still are
Crystal: Yeah definitely. There has been no doubt that this was my calling since I was 10 years old.


XS ROCK: What are your favorite tracks to play live?
Thomas: Messin Around, it’s super high energy
Crystal: I would have to agree! I love singing Messin Around.


XS ROCK: Which band or artist inspired you to perform? Why?
Crystal: It definitely started with Michael Jackson. He completely mesmerized me since I was 5 years old because he is just such an incredible performer and entertainer.
As I got older I started to love bands like My Chemical Romance because of their insane connection with their fan base and their authenticity.
Thomas: Definitely Metallica. I first heard them when my dad bought me the Black Album for Christmas when I was 11. I became obsessed and immediately wanted to learn all their songs and get a guitar.


XS ROCK: If you could design a dream tour for your band, who would be on the bill?
Thomas: Metallica, blink 182 (with Tom), Iron Maiden, and WildEyes.
Crystal: Journey (with Steve Perry of course), My Chemical Romance (if they reunited), 30 Seconds To Mars, and WildEyes.


XS ROCK: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
Thomas: Releasing our music video, and not breaking my spine when filming it.


XS ROCK: If you weren’t performing in a band what kind of career do you think you would have?
Thomas: Probably a rock n roll veterinarian
Crystal: I would probably be doing musical theatre.


XS ROCK: What type of equipment do you use for live shows?
Thomas: ESP eclipse, fender deville Amp, Wampler triple wreck distortion pedal, and a boss tuning pedal, I like to keep it simple, tone comes from your fingers


XS ROCK: What do you think of the current music scene?
Thomas: It definitely needs work. The biggest bands right now are the ones that were around before YouTube and streaming and all of that. Bands that are just starting have a long uphill battle.
Crystal: I think that people appreciate live shows a lot less than they used to which is a bit of a harm to up and coming bands. But, times continue to change and if you’re really passionate about something, you have to adapt and make things work for your audience no matter what.


XS ROCK: For anyone that doesn’t know you, what would they be surprised to know about you?
Thomas: I love smash mouth and tiny things
Crystal: I am from Colorado! I am also obsessed with aliens.


XS ROCK: If someone had never heard you before, how would you describe your sound?
Crystal: We are a hard rock/pop band that definitely sounds modern, but you may listen to it and notice a little bit of a throwback 80’s vibe. We like to blend all of our inspirations together.


XS ROCK: Is there anything that you’d like to promote or say to your fans out there?
Crystal: Definitely go watch our new music video!

Crystal: Also, thank you to everyone who has supported us so far on this journey! It has just begun!

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