Industrial Metallers Dawn of Ashes Announce Their Eighth Album “The Antinomian”

Industrial Metallers Dawn of Ashes Announce Their Eighth Album "The Antinomian"

Los Angeles Industrial Metal veterans Dawn of Ashes announce their anticipated new album The Antinomian on Artoffact Records.

Dawn of Ashes follow up their highly successful album The Crypt Injection II, with one of their most ambitious and diverse albums to date, The Antinomian. Staying true to their style of blistering, in your face guitars, with potent drums, DOA harkens back to their early years including more electronic elements of EBM and Dark Electro on The Antinomian. The combined elements unleash DOA’s own brand of sonic hellfire.

The Antinomian explores humanity’s possible downfall as it blindly follows it’s leaders. Vocalist and composer, Kristof Bathory expands on the inspiration behind The Antinomian…
We are witnessing a critical era where a mass amount of human beings follow a herd mentality. Corruption is all around us and our leaders are the ones who are planting this seed. Society is full of mindless machines who live their lives to bowing down to the wretched ones. Hollow and empty there is nothing inside.

The Antinomian will be released on July 10th on Artoffact Records worldwide. The lyric video for their new song Pawns of the Wretched can be seen below.


1. Pawns of the Wretched
2. Sleep Paralysis
3. Blood of the Titans
4. Dried Up
5. Anatomy of the Soul
6. Straight to the Core
7. Follow the Pain
8. Scum of the Earth
9. Mind Prison
10. The War Within

DAWN OF ASHES – whose very name brings to mind “the beginning of the end” – has broken ground across multiple genres, from aggrotech/terror EBM to industrial black metal, producing a unique hybrid of dark electro and industrial-metal styles since 2001. This fusion of terrifying soundscapes with brutal, relentless rhythms forms the foundation for the lyrical themes of founder/frontman Kristof Bathory – exploring concepts of horror, perversion while standing in bold opposition to the dogma of Abrahamic-based religions.

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