I Am Thor: The Movie

I Am Thor: The Movie

Artist: Thor (Jon Mikl Thor)
DVD: I Am Thor 
Genre: Metal Documentary
Label: Dark Sky Films
Release Date: January 19, 2016
Running Time: 84 Minutes

Similar in tone to the documentary, Anvil: The Story Of Anvil and yes, unfortunately, Spinal Tap, I am Thor is the triumphant story of body builder turned rock musician, Jon Mikl Thor. Inspiring, sad at times, funny and heart-warming, I Am Thor delivers a look into the fascinating life of a man chasing stardom after near misses throughout his career. Most of us have or at least had a dream that we just couldn’t quite accomplish in our lives.  The big difference between most of us and Thor, is that most of us give up after a few tries.  Whether or not you think he is just unrealistic or just unwilling to concede that he will never be a platinum selling recording artist, it’s really hard to watch this movie and not leave with a new found respect for Thor‘s unwavering dedication to pursuing his dream. I am Thor is a great retrospective look at Thor‘s entire career and his rise to fame, fall and repeated ups and downs.  Throughout the film, you’ll find yourself wondering why Jon Mikl Thor just can’t let his alter ego go and move on with his life, but you will also find yourself cheering for the guy and wishing that he really could realize his dream against the odds. This is about as metal as real life ever gets. From bodybuilder to a successful career in music which turns to health and financial problems, Jon Mikl Thor has seen it all.  I think for me, the biggest thing is that he really seems like a genuine good guy.  He’s a humble guy who would give someone the shirt off of his back if they needed it. Like a real life musical Rocky, I am Thor is ultimately an uplifting and interesting portrait of one man’s determination and genuine love for performing for people. Currently, I Am Thor is now available for streaming on Netflix in the USA as well.

Soundtrack Listing:
1. We are Body Rock/Start The Show
2. Hey Tonight (The Ticks)
3. Do The Muscle (THOR & The Imps)
4. Keep The Dogs Away
5. Lightning Strikes
6. Only The Strong
7. Anger
8. Thunder On The Tundra
9. Let The Blood Run Red
10. Thunderhawk
11. War Hammer
12. Devastation of Musculation
13. Metal Avenger
14. Fucking and Fighting (THOR & The Ass Boys)
15. Shit The Pants (THOR & The Ass Boys)16. Crunch, Crunch, Yum, Yum

Soundtrack available on Deadline Records

Band Members:
Jon Mikl Thor: Vocals
Steve Price: Guitar
Mike Favata: Drums
The Ass Boys


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