HYVMINE Release New Video For “Shogun”

HYVMINE Release New Video For "Shogun"

The future of progressive music has arrived in the form of HYVMINE! The band’s stunning, debut offering, Earthquake, is out now and the first single’s official, new music video for “Shogun” can be viewed now.

Al Joseph (vocals, lead guitars) states: “Earthquake, the album, is a theme built on the unknown paths I’ve chosen to take in my life from here on out. It is a display on how I handle adversity, love and even outright catastrophe. Every song echos the theme, in one way or another. This project to me marks a turning point in my creative mindset for the better. I’m happy that with this music we are aiming to make a positive impact on a vast number of souls to come. I am proud of this record because although it features the reviving of some of my older tunes, it has truly formed itself and shined through all the chaos.

“The ‘Shogun’ music video displays our energy as a band. We’re all just living life without apology. Life without limits. We chose to go with a more simple shoot on the video because we really want to convey that raw performing power of the group. We wanted to deliver as much attitude as we could off the performance alone. ‘Shogun’ is that ‘fuck you’ song that I feel best says, ‘ready or not, here we come!’

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