Hellgarden – Making Noise, Living Fast (Review)

Hellgarden - Making Noise, Living Fast (Review)

Artist: Hellgarden
Album: Making Noise, Living Fast
Genre: Metal
Label: Brutal Records
Release Date: April 10, 2020
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


This really caught me off guard.  Why? Because it’s so damn good compared to most of the stuff that I’ve heard recently.  These guys sound like the closest thing you’re likely to hear to a second coming of the mighty Pantera.  Not a straight rip off of Pantera, but with some similarities in sound and seriously raw and brutal metal.  The title is as awesome as the songs on the album Making Noise, Living Fast.  It explains what they’re all about it a single line.  I love the passion these guys are bringing to their sound and with song titles like “Spit On Hypocrisy”, Learned To Play Dirty”, “Believe In Yourself Or Die” and “Evolution Or Destruction”, you know this isn’t the new album by Bon Jovi or Poison.  The entire album is a complete package without throwaway songs or fillers.  It’s like a dive-bombing airplane or a buzzsaw ripping through your ears…and it’s fuckin’ awesome!  Hailing from Brazil, these guys surely will pick a large following in no time at all.  You owe it to yourself to give these guys a listen. It’s not Black Metal, Nu Metal, Post Metal or Thrash Metal….it’s just straight to your face, pure, explosive metal power!


Track Listing:

Spit on Hypocrisy 3:28
Evolution or Destruction 5:03
Learned to Play Dirty 4:38
Fuck the Consequences 2:38
Brainwash 6:13
Making Noise, Living Fast 5:03
Believe in Yourself or Die 3:59
Possessed By Noise 3:25

Band Members:

Diego Pascuci – Vocals
Caick Gabriel – Guitar
Matheus Barreiros – Drums
Guilherme Biondo – Bass

Hellgarden - Making Noise, Living Fast (Review)

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