Helix – Old School (Review)

Helix Announces New Album Called "Old School"

Artist: Helix
Album: Old School
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Label: Perris Records
Release Date:
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


One of Canada’s greatest hard rock exports, Helix have returned with a new album, appropriately named “Old School”.  I have to say it’s quite refreshing to have a band stay true to its roots after all of these years.  I mean, after all, music trends come and go, seemingly from one day to the next.  Most bands try to adjust their sound to be in line with the current trend in order to have a shot at getting commercial airplay. But, not Helix. This album sees the band playing the kind of straight-ahead rock/metal that they built a solid reputation on. Keep in mind, Helix released their debut album 40 years ago.   To still be creating original music under the same band moniker is a spectacular accomplishment in itself.  Vocalist Brian Vollmer still sounds as viable as ever.  If you didn’t know this was released in 2019, it would be easy to think it was a long lost relic from the ’80s.  While the band may not be the original lineup, Brian Vollmer has been there from the beginning and Daryl Gray and Greg “Fritz” Hinz have been with the band off and on since the ’80s.  Opening the album with “Coming Back With Bigger Guns” was a nice move as it sounds like vintage Helix through and through.  Other standouts are “Games Mother Never Taught You”, the infectious “Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”, “Your Turn To Cry” and “Closer To You”.  The entire album is an enjoyable ride through the sounds of yesteryear… and if Helix has it’s way, the returning sound of today. For the band to make such a great album this many years into their career is a true testament to perseverance and knowing what they do best and just doing it.  While Helix may be “Old School“, there’s something that today’s youngster can learn from them.  Just believe in yourself, make great music and never give up.  It’s a bit like the quote from the movie “Field Of Dreams”, “If you build it they will come”. Helix has built the house of “Old School” and now all you have to do is show up and listen.  Helix has, once again, delivered the goods and if you what you want is rock….then give me the R-O-C-K and make it “Old School”!

Track Listing:

1. Coming Back With Bigger Guns
2. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
3. If Tears Could Talk
4. Your Turn To Cry
5. Tie Me Down
6. Closer
7. Games Mother Never Taught You
8. Southern Comfort
9. Hound Dog Howlin’ Blues
10. Cheers

Band Members:

Vocals: Brian Vollmer / Guitar, BG vocals: Chris Julke, Kaleb Duck, Paul Hackman / Bass: Daryl Gray – Keyboards, additional guitars,
BG vocals / Drums: Greg “Fritz” Hinz – BG vocals / Piano: Sam Reid

Helix - Old School (Review)



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