H.E.A.T Turn Up The Temperature – ‘Live At Sweden Rock Festival’ Album Review + Interview

H.E.A.T Turn Up The Temperature - 'Live At Sweden Rock Festival' Album Review + Interview

How many bands put on a show like the mighty, H.E.A.T? To be honest, I don’t think there are many, so the latest release from these insanely talented Swedes could act as a masterclass in rock n roll to many.

H.E.A.T’s Erik Grönwall – “What you’re hearing is the real vocals. It’s all live.” (Photo credit unknown)

Live At Sweden Rock Festival, recorded at the mammoth Sölvesborg event last year has just been released on CD and Blu-ray. What can you expect? Well, if you’ve never listened to H.E.A.T before then I would highly recommend this as a place to start as it features a brilliant mix of fan favourites, from firecracker opener Bastard Of Society (from last studio album, Into The Great Unknown) to infectious oldies such as Beg Beg Beg, and Late Night Lady from the self-titled debut.

I spoke with H.E.A.T’s singer, the one and only Erik Grönwall last week and asked him about how he and the band put together a setlist for the CD. He told me “Often we go on Facebook and ask the fans what they want to hear, so we let them decide a lot of the songs”. This means you can be sure you’re effectively getting a ‘best of’ album from these guys!

H.E.A.T put insane energy into every show and I expected this to be difficult for them to get across on record. However, I think this 13 track album is a great representation of the atmosphere they create on stage for anyone who hasn’t seen the band before (I would urge you to get to one of their shows ASAP!)

Another challenge with a live album is capturing great-sounding vocals but I can assure you that Grönwall’s voice sounds absolutely stellar. He told me that despite some technical issues with his in-ear monitors on the night, “What you’re hearing is the real vocals. It’s all live.” As well as great songs and performance, the album also has a clear production and smart mix.

You can watch Bastard Of Society from the Sweden Rock performance here!

This is H.E.A.T’s second live album in just 4 years, but for a band who are dripping with so many amazing songs, a single live album was always going to be missing some brilliant tracks. Therefore, the release of Live At Sweden Rock Festival allows the band to cover the majority of the fan favorites, as well as add in newer tracks such as Eye Of The Storm and the outstanding Redefined.

Having said that, Erik did also tell me “We’re working on the new album now, we’ll release the first single this Fall and then the album will be out at the beginning of next year”. I asked him what sort of sound they were going for and he said, “We’ve decided to do what we personally think we do best, and that’s just melodic rock, so we’re going all in. In my ears, it’s a bit of a combination between Tearing Down The Walls and Address The Nation, but harder in a way”. So there you have it – new H.E.A.T music is on the way soon!

H.E.A.T will be addressing the nation here in the UK later this year, playing some festivals, including WinterStrom, Troon (Scotland) and Planet Rockstock, Trecco Bay (Wales). There are sadly no plans for any other UK shows this year, but fear not! Erik exclusively told me, “We will likely be headlining again either Spring 2020 or Fall 2020. New album cycle, new tour”.

In the meantime enjoy yet another great release from a band that are, to put it bluntly, streets ahead of most. If you get the opportunity to see them live, then I have one piece of advice for you: DO.NOT.MISS.THEM.

Live At Sweden Rock is out now on earMUSIC.

Track Listing – CD/BD
1. Bastard Of Society
2. Late Night Lady
3. Mannequin Show
4. Redefined
5. Heartbreaker
6. Shit City
7. Beg Beg Beg
8. Tearing Down The Walls
9. Eye Of The Storm
10. Emergency
11. Inferno
12. Living On The Run
13. A Shot At Redemption

Official Music Videos – BD only
1. It’s All About Tonight
2. Tearing Down The Walls
3. Point Of No Return
4. Living On The Run
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. A Shot At Redemption
7. Best Of The Broken
8. Drink Alone

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