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Grit Your Teeth May Well Be The Breakthrough That VEGA Deserves

What do you do with a band like VEGA? Full of talent, brilliant songwriters (Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott has worked with them) and fantastic live, oddly up to now the UK 6-piece have been far from a household name. Grit Your Teeth, their sixth album may just be the one to change that. Song quality has never been a problem for VEGA. Brothers Tom and James Martin, along with singer Nick Workman, have penned tunes for some big names in rock so it’s no surprise that Grit Your Teeth has top quality songs throughout.

Check out the lyric video for Grit Your Teeth

What’s perhaps different this time is with production duties being handled by Joe and Sam Graves (Asking AlexandriaWith One Last Breath) the band have delivered a fresh, modern sounding record that balances their sense of melody with a powerful, contemporary feel.

I recently spoke with Nick Workman about Grit Your Teeth;

“We didn’t want to use one of those tried and tested producers that everyone in this genre uses because we want to try and get our feet outside of that – we want to be mainstream as well”.

Blind is a stomping opener that rips right out of the speakers. Guitar driven, and with a nod to Guns N Roses at their best, it’s a great way to start the record. Nick added;
 “Blind was kind of obvious because it’s that up tempo, in your face feel that we like to open with”.

The Planet Rock Radio playlisted (I Don’t Need) Perfection is a great example of VEGA’s strengths. An infectious chorus built on a chunky riff means this track is sure to be a crowd-pleaser live.

Check out the official video for (I Don’t Need) Perfection

Man On A Mission has a Shinedown-esque feel to it with terrific guitars and a clever vocal. Workman is known vocally for soaring to astounding notes, but throughout this record he showcases his whole range, adding another level of depth and intensity to the material. 

“As a singer I feel like I’m getting stronger as I get older because I maybe think about things more, instead of just going hell for leather” – VEGA’s Nick Workman

Don’t Fool Yourself is undoubtedly my favourite from the album. It features a ridiculously catchy chorus and trademark harmonies. Fantastic.

With so many strong songs, sequencing this album was always going to be difficult. As well as a muscular start to proceedings, the hooks just keep coming throughout the second half of the record. It’s here you’ll find some real gems such as Save Me From Myself, and How We Live.

The album closes with the bouncy Done With Me which is short, sweet, guitar driven and the perfect way to end the record – it certainly deserves to be a radio hit.

Whilst we are starved of gigs at the time of writing, VEGA are scheduled to head out on a special multi-band bill in October this year;

“Fingers crossed, everything will be back to normal (or as normal as it can be) by then. We’ve toured with H.E.A.T before and always said it would be great to work with them again, and we’ve also got Mason Hill and Collateral opening the show, so it will be a really good melodic rock line-up of new bands – rather than Jurassic Park!”.

VEGA will also be performing at Monsterfest in Inverness, Scotland in November.  

“We can’t wait for Monsterfest, we’ve never played it before, we’ve a good spot on the bill and we just can’t wait to play some new songs. We love playing Scotland – we always have a lot of fun there!”

At the time of writing, we are in lockdown, but when we reach the other side I wonder if Grit Your Teeth may well be the breakthrough that VEGA deserves. Buy it.

Grit Your Teeth is released on June 12 on Frontiers Records and is available for pre order here.

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