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Firewind Reach Epic Level With New Self Titled Album

Firewind Reach Epic Level With New Self Titled Album

Artist: Firewind
Album: Firewind
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: May 15, 2020
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron



Firewind has always been an underrated act if you ask me.  But this time around the band has delivered an album that takes them to a whole other level of brilliance.  The addition of new vocalist Herbie Langhans lifts these songs to a new place altogether.  Guitar virtuoso Gus G. simply shreds throughout this outing and should place him the realm of guitar hero to many who have overlooked his skill thus far.  While he’s been known more as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist for a brief period, all of the Firewind albums have been excellent.  Kicking off with the outstanding “Welcome To The Empire”, you’re in for a spectacular treat of musical prowess and a classic metal that brings the heat.  Firewind is definitely a contender for metal album of the year with this brilliant masterpiece of metal.  One listen to Gus G’s fluid playing and it’s easy to see what guitarists worldwide have celebrated his ability.  Hopefully, this self-titled gem will help Firewind reach a larger audience of people outside of guitar fans and critics.  If you’ve ever wondered what Firewind was all about, start with this album.   This is an instant classic from start to finish with epic level songs of a band that has reached maturity and is ready to prove itself to the world.


Track Listing:

01. Welcome to the Empire

02. Devour

03. Rising Fire

04. Break Away

05. Orbitual Sunrise

06. Longing to Know You

07. Perfect Stranger

08. Overdrive

09. All My Life

10. Space Cowboy

11. Kill the Pain


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