Find Me – Angels In Blue (Review)

Find Me - Angels In Blue (Review)

Artist: Find Me
Album: Angels in Blue
Genre: AOR / Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: February 22, 2018
Reviewed by: Bobby Caughron


Fans of bands like Survivor and Giant have found their modern day champion in Find Me.  Melodic rock fans are simply going to lose their minds in pure aural ecstasy with the Angels In Blue album.  This is incredible stuff and the band delivers a powerful, emotional performance on this album.  The song True Believer sounds like a lost title track to a great 1980’s movie.   Vocalist Robert Lablanc has a voice tailor-made for this type of music and simply takes these songs over the top.  This is without a doubt the best melodic rock release that I’ve heard this year and will probably stay in that position.  I have a really hard time believing anyone will release an album in the AOR genre that can compete with this, let alone top it.  Working out on the treadmill while listening to this will give you flashbacks to the days of the classic Rocky movies and will make you want to pump your fist in the air.  There isn’t a song represented on “Angels In Blue” that isn’t of the highest caliber.  If you’re looking for your Journey or Foreigner of the modern era, you’ve found it in “Find Me”.


  1.       No Tears In Paradise
  2.       Chain Of Love
  3.       True Believer
  4.       Straight For Eternity
  5.       Can’t Let Go
  6.       One Last Kiss
  7.       Living A Lie
  8.       Angels In Blue
  9.       Show Me What You’d Die For
  10.   Waiting For A Lifetime
  11.   You Are The Only One
  12.   Desperate Dreams
  13.   Only The Lonely


Robert Lablanc – Lead vocals and backing vocals

Daniel Flores – Drums, percussion and additional keyboards

Sören Kronquist – Keyboards

Philip Lindstrand – Rhythm guitars

Johnny Trobro – Bass

Michael Palace – Lead guitars and rhythm guitars on “Can’t Let Go” and “Only The Lonely”

Marcus Nygren (State of Salazar) – Backing vocals on Straight For Eternity

Joan Thuresson (State of Salazar) – Guitar solo on Straight For Eternity

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