Ektomorf: Warpath

Ektomorf: Warpath

Artist: Ektomorf
Album: Warpath
Genre: Metal
Label: AFM Records
Release Date: June 30, 2017

Deluxe CD/DVD release from the Hungarian neo thrash masters. Warpath includes the band’s entire gig from Wacken Open Air 2016 on DVD and CD, plus an amazing more than 60 minutes long, brutally honest and heavily entertaining behind-the-scenes documentary of Ektomorf’s tour life: Live And Life On The Road. This is real as it gets! Audio mix was again handled by the band’s longtime engineer Tue Madsen (Antfarm studios).
Track Listing:

Disc: 1
1. Aggressor
2. Move on
3. Ambush in the Night
4. Holocaust
5. Black Flag
6. Evil By Nature
7. United Nations
8. Leech
9. Fuck You All
10. I Know Them
11. Outcast

Disc: 2
1. DVD Bonus: Live and Life on the Road
Band Members:

Zoltán “Zoli/Zotya” Farkas
Tamás Schrottner
Szabolcs Murvai
Róbert Jaksa

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