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Eddie Van Halen Doesn’t Owe Anyone An Explanation

Eddie Van Halen Doesn’t Owe Anyone An Explanation

For quite some time now, I’ve been seeing news posts from many different media sites that refer to various rumors about legendary rock guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.  Some are about his health and some are about the status and future of Van Halen as a band. I believe the main reasons that these rumors are so prevalent is actually quite simple. The first is that Eddie’s fans truly care about him and hope that any rumors of ill health are simply not true.  So, naturally, they are all concerned about his welfare and post their thoughts to social media groups.  The second reason is that Eddie has remained virtually silent throughout this media feeding frenzy. There have been no direct responses, press releases or explanations to any of the rumors circulating about. … Nor should there be!

I’ve seen a large number of fans complain that he needs to issue a press release to let us know what’s going on. Just to be clear…Eddie Van Halen doesn’t owe you anything.

Too often, fans begin to feel entitled to know every detail of a performers life because, after all, they bought their music and went to their concerts.  While Eddie has always been thankful to the fans for all of their support…going beyond that is not a requirement.

In fact, as much as Eddie has been considered a guitar god and musical legend, he also deserves the right to be a human being and live his life outside of the band, as privately as he wants.

While it may be true that we now live in a society where many celebrities make every detail of their personal life public knowledge through the use of social media.  It’s quite clear that Eddie Van Halen is not one of those types of celebrities.

To be considered one of the best, if not “The Best” rock guitarist of all time, Edward Van Halen has been quite reserved over the years.  He doesn’t do a lot of interviews.  When he has, he often seems reluctant to talk about his personal life too much.

Between the fans eager to hear about Eddie’s health and journalists trying to dig up the truth or get the scoop for a great story, it has occasionally bordered on harassment with headlines like “Another Eddie Van Halen Sighting” (like he’s a missing person or a Bigfoot or something) or “Eddie Van Halen Facing Serious Health Issues”.

Now to be fair, a lot of this has been driven by interviews given by David Lee Roth.  If you want someone in Van Halen to tell you about every detail of their life including what they ate for breakfast…then Dave’s your man.  And as much as I love Van Halen the band, including Dave, I don’t agree with him making public statements about Eddie not doing well…and then saying something like it’s not up to me to say anything, Eddie’s got his own story to tell.  Really? Sorry Dave, but that seems like a real dick move! Did you ever think that maybe Eddie doesn’t want to share whatever’s going on with everyone in the entire world?  I mean, he’s a guy with a wife, a son and a family.  If he really wanted to share something with the public, he probably would have already done it by now!

Over the years Eddie Van Halen has given us a discography of great music, put on outstanding concerts, provided incredible showmanship and has donated his time and money to quite a few charitable causes.

While I’m sure Eddie appreciates everyone’s well wishes and concerns…

Maybe, just maybe the best way that we can all repay him,  is by giving the guy some space and respecting his right to privacy.  Rumors are just that. Don’t believe everything that you hear and don’t expect Eddie to address them



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