Eclipse: Momentum

New ECLIPSE Album "Momentum" March 24

Artist: Eclipse
Album: Momentum
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Label: Frontiers Music Srl.
Release Date: March 24, 2017

Do you like guitar driven rock? If the answer is yes, you’re going to really like Eclipse‘s new album “Momentum”. With a sound that’s influenced by the hair bands and hard rock kings of the eighties, Eclipse continue to create great rock n’ roll that deserves to be heard. These guys are one of the new young bands that are really bringing back that 80’s hard rock retro sound and doing it well. In many ways they remind me of a Def Leppard/Pretty Maids mix with a modern twist. The first two tracks Vertigo and Never Look Back are definite attention-getters. The band rip through 11 heavy rock tracks that expand on the great material on their last release, Armageddonize. The band really makes their mark this time out and solidifies their music into a more of a signature sound. For those who haven’t heard Eclipse yet, keep in mind…Frontiers Music has been releasing quality releases like this for this quite some time. They have an incredible knack for finding talented bands that might otherwise not get proper exposure in today’s record industry. Eclipse have the makings of a great long lasting band that just might bring rock music back to the forefront of the music charts. This album is all killer and no filler. If you like melodic metal, you’re going to love Eclipses appropriately named, new album, Momentum.

Track Listing:
01 Vertigo
02 Never Look Back
03 Killing Me
04 The Downfall Of Eden
05 Hurt
06 Jaded
07 Born To Lead
08 For Better Or For Worse
09 No Way Back
10 Night Comes Crawling
11 Black Rain

Band Members:
Erik Mårtensson – lead vocals, guitars
Magnus Henriksson – guitars
Philip Crusner – drums
Magnus Ulfstedt – bass

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