Double Experience: Unsaved Progress

Double Experience: Unsaved Progress

Artist: Double Experience
Album: Unsaved Progress
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label: Colfax Music
Release Date: April 8, 2016


Double Experience’s Unsaved Progress is a album full of great tracks. It’s considered ‘Nerdy Neo-Rock’ but I find it more a clash of Queens Of The Stone Age meets Chevelle, with a splash of TOOL thrown in for good measure. The opening track “So Fine” is a great opening song with a upbeat feel, that carries on throughout the entire album. “The Glimmer Shot” while less guitar heavy is a stand out track with great lyrics, and vocals. “Godzilla” while a cover of Blue Oyster Cult was still a standout track for me, with a strong bass line, that gives this track a much heavier feel than the original, as if I could feel Godzilla crushing through Tokyo once again. Unsaved Progress is a great listen and is highly recommended. Check them out for an awesome alt-metal rock adventure that you’ll not likely forget.

Track Listing:
1. So Fine (3:19)
2. AAA (3:17)
3. The Glimmer Shot (3:23)
4. See You Soon (2:57)
5. Impasse (3:44)
6. Exposure Exposure (2:54)
7. Death of Lucidity (3:17)
8. Godzilla (3:57)
9. Weakened Warriors (3:33)
Album Length: 30:24

Band Members:
Ian Nichols (Vocals, Lyrics)
Brock Tinsley (Guitars, Bass, Lyrics)
Dafydd Cartwright (Drums)
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