Doctors, Nurses and Emergency Responders Are 2020’s Real Rockstars

Doctors, Nurses and Emergency Responders Are 2020's Real Rockstars

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak raging like wildfire around the world, ordinary people with families are doing the unthinkable.  Many are sacrificing themselves and their personal safety to save the lives of as many seriously ill people as possible. Many are working 18 hour plus shifts with little or no protection for themselves.  For the record, let’s add truck drivers, grocery store employees, pharmacy workers and anyone that has to work with the public each day to help people sustain their lives.  Without these people, many of which, who are working for low wages, the world would experience far more deaths and our lives would fall into a sense of chaos the likes of which we have never seen.

Rock music has always been about making a statement. It’s fearless and forges ahead regardless of adversity. Over the years rock music has brought people together. The songs and lyrics have inspired people to keep hope alive and reach for their dreams regardless of our obstacles.  While these new “rockstars” don’t play musical instruments, they are inspiring people to fight for their lives and keep our hopes alive.  And they are doing it for each and every one of us.  Many of us do or will owe our lives to these people before this crisis is over. And, many of these people will ultimately lose their lives trying to save ours. If that doesn’t embody the spirit of rock and qualify these people as bonafide “rockstars”, I don’t know what does. We owe a gratitude to these people that we will never be able to repay.  These people are today’s true heroes. When this all over and the nightmare has faded away, we cannot let these people and their selfless actions be forgotten.

On behalf of everyone at XS ROCK, I want to thank every medical worker, every EMT, every police officer, every fireman, every national guard, and military personnel member, and every healthcare and service worker interacting with the public around the world for risking your own life daily so that many others may live. Mere words cannot express our gratitude for the sacrifice that you are making.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of you and your families as you continue to courageously battle this disease for all of us!



Bobby Caughron
Owner/Head Writer

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