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Deaf Rat

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Deaf Rat

From the first beat, the Swedish Hard Rock band serves up a dark selection of tunes rammed with heavy riffs, strong melodies, and seductive tunes to twist your mind. The title was taken from the first song that was written for the album – an emotional masterpiece about being different and standing up for your individuality against people full of prejudice

Singer Frankie Rich states: “I had a rough time in school being different in every possible way. I had a funny name, red curly hair, parents from a different country. On top of that, I was listening to KISS and WASP while the kids in my school listened to Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls. I was miserable from being made fun of because I was different”.

‘Ban The Light’ is a tough punch, a statement to everyone who has been made fun of or belittled, to all those who are a little different & had been singled out because of what they wear or who they are.

Deaf Rat “Ban The Light” Review

Wow! This is one of the best debut albums by a band that I’ve heard in a really long time.  Deaf Rat hit the scene with a darker image, but all of the sound and rebellion of the ’80’s Sunset Strip Heavy Metal scene.  Vocalist Frankie Rich often reminds me of Jamie St. James from Black N’ Blue.  I’ve heard quite a few bands try to mix a more modern rock sound with classic metal and fall short, but that’s not the case with Deaf Rat. In fact, this the first time that I’ve heard this combination actually work.  The end result is simply fantastic.  Every single song on “Ban The Light” is brilliant. Opening the album with “Fallen Angels”, the band has you hooked and just continues to reel you in, song after song.  The songs are both melodic and heavy with a perfect balance that makes these rockers really memorable.  Musically and lyrically the band is in the zone with perfectly crafted songs to leave you wanting more.  The excitement and energy of this band is something different than what I’ve seen from so many other new bands.  I’m not saying they’re the second coming of the 80’s metal scene, but Deaf Rat is to that music scene what Greta Van Fleet is to the Led Zeppelin sound.  It’s the closest thing that I’ve heard in a long time that has the fire and feeling of that time period.  Deaf Rat has made a damn near perfect album for their debut release and I for one, can’t wait to hear more from these guys.
Deaf Rat - Ban The Light (Review)

Band Members:

Frankie Rich (Vocals)

Pat Kramer (Guitars/Vocals)

Max Lander (Guitars/Vocals)

Nic Lester (Bass)

Karl Löfgren (Drums)




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Music journalist and Editor-In-Chief for XS ROCK and The Wild 80s.

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