Crystal Ball: Deja-Voodoo

Artist: Crystal Ball
Album: Deja-Voodoo
Genre: Melodic Metal / Hard Rock
Label: Massacre Records
Release Date: October 7, 2016

Crystal Ball may have released the best album of their career (so far) with Deja-Voodoo. The title tracks kicks off this explosive album with a great opening guitar riff and a memorable chorus. The energy doesn’t let up at all with Director’s Cut, another great rocking track that carries over the momentum from the opener. Never A Guarantee ranks with Deja-Voodoo and Director’s Cut as the best tracks on the album. Having said that, the whole album is a great listen. This album was carefully constructed and the band brings some of the best songs that they’ve ever done on this album. Time and Tide is a prime example of great songwriting with a great heavy guitar riffs and a pounding beat. This album is solid from top to bottom without any tracks feeling like filler or being sub par in any way.  Crystal Ball‘s Deja-Voodoo is one of those hidden gems that heavy metal fans love to find. Hopefully, this album will not be a well kept secret. I’d love to see these guys get more exposure to the U.S. and Canada’s metal fan base. Both melodic and heavy, the band have hit the perfect stride, the best of both worlds to please any heavy rock fan out there. Deja-Voodoo is well worth your money. Pick this one up when it’s released and head bang to your heart’s delight.

Track Listing:
1. Déjà-Voodoo
2. Director’s Cut
3. Suspended
4. Never A Guarantee
5. Reaching Out
6. Home Again
7. To Freedom And Progress
8. Time And Tide
9. Without A Net
10. Full Disclosure (*)
11. Fools’ Parade (*)
12. Dr. Hell No
13. To Be With You Once More
(*) Digipak Bonus

Band Members:
Steven Mageney – Vocals
Scott Leach – Guitars
Tony “T.C.” Castell – Guitars
Cris Stone – Bass
Marcel Sardella – Drums


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